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is an IT system for health information, sinister geolocation, management and declaration to rescuers and insurers. It is composed of a mobile app, a monitoring software, a server and an advertising platform. SOS Mobile is available for free on Google Play and is used in case of accidents, diseases and fires.
In the event of an accident, for example, a witness with SOS Mobile will be able to launch a signal geolocatable on SOS Supervisor map by rescuers and insurers. Rescuers receive the signal, respond to it and can provide real-time first-aid advice to apply to victims. Once on-site, they will be able to access the health history of victims by scanning the QR code of the SOS Bracelet carried by the victims

For the advertising platform, it allows sending health information sponsored by companies or organizations, to users of SOS Mobile who will be able to share with friends or family on social networks. SOS Mobile has nearly 150 000 users and has already been used in about many sinister. More than 200 000 people are reached every day by health information since the application launching

SOS System parts

SOS Assurances is the adaptation of SOS System to the declaration of claims to insurers. You can easily declare your claim to your insurer or declare the claim of a another person.

SOS Mobile is a mobile application to report a disaster to rescuers and insurers, to receive and share useful and practical health informations.

SOS Supervisor is a web application to geolocate claims, assist in first aid remotely and send mass awareness message.

SOS Ads is a web application for diffusing advertising information on SOS Mobile and social networks, providing accurate statistics on claims, ...

SOS Bracelet is a bracelet incorporating a QR code and allowing to retrieve the health history of those who wear it, in order to save their lives in case of unconsciousness following a disaster.

Statistics of SOS System




Declared sinisters / day


People receive health info / day


Geolocated signals


Intervention facilitated


People rescued


People reach by day


Registered Companies


Advertising per month


of holders


Saved people


recovery of health information

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can i download and use the application?
The SOS Mobile application is available in Google Play and downloaded for free. Click on this link to download: http://bit.ly/2jvlpCK After installation, you should register by providing your phone number. An identification code will be sent to you by sms. This code will allow you to complete your registration.
Can I use the application if I do not have an internet connection?
The use of the SOS Mobile application requires an internet connection, since the Internet connection is necessary to calculate your GPS coordinates. Nevertheless, without Internet you can launch an SOS signal; The application knowing that your phone is not connected to the internet will make a phone call to the number of the emergency service concerned by your disaster
How can I be sure that the signal will be received; At any time?
When you start an SOS signal, the SOS Supervisor user (Rescuer) will send you an acknowledgment to confirm that your signal has been received. If, within a given period of time, the acknowledgment does not reach SOS Mobile, it recalls the green number of the concerned service for verbal confirmation.
What are the conditions to get SOS Supervisor?
SOS Supervisor can only be used by public or private entities operating in the victim lifting, insurance and private security. Click here to fill out a form for SOS Supervisor.
How to advertise via SOS System ?
Subscribing to the SOS System advertising service is very simple. You must choose between the 3 packs we offer and fill out an application form. We will contact you shortly to continue the process. Click here to advertise via SOS System
Why advertise via SOS System ?
We will help you in all the stages of your communication. Our team helps you in designing attractive visuals and interesting content. We encourage our users to share your advertising on social networks, in order to multiply the number of people affected. And finally, we provide you with detailed statistics on the scope of your communication (number of people affected by age, gender, hours of consultation, number of sharing on social networks ...)
How to get the SOS bracelet ?
The SOS Bracelet is available for sale in several lomé pharmacies and costs 600 FCFA or US $ 1. After the purchase of the bracelet, the agents of the pharmacy will help you to register your health information.
Are my health data protected with the SOS Bracelet?
Your health data is encrypted and can only be accessed by rescuers and emergency service providers, subject to strict authentication.

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